PurePro® Athena- Smart Touch Water Cooler - The Automatic Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Endless Clean Water

 Introducing PurePro® Athena- Smart Touch Water Cooler

The Automatic Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Endless Clean Water

PurePro® Athena is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for an automatic water replenishing ice hot water dispenser that is both convenient and reliable. With its touch screen technology and elegant white design, this water dispenser is perfect for any home or office. But what makes PurePro® Athena truly unique is its ability to pair with our PurePro RO water purifier, providing endless clean water for all your drinking and cooking needs.

The PurePro® Athena is an innovative automatic hot and cold water dispenser specifically designed to be connected with a PurePro R.O. water purifier, providing you with a continuous flow of purified drinking water. In addition to removing odors and reducing up to 98% of particulate contamination in your water, its compact design makes it suitable for almost any home or lifestyle.


Our PurePro Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems have over twenty years of expertise in reverse osmosis drinking water systems, making them the perfect complement to PurePro® Athena. Our unique design features make installation easier and operation more reliable, while our wide selection of colors and sizes allows you to solve virtually any RO application. With our RO systems, you can enjoy clean and refreshing water that is free of impurities, chemicals, and contaminants.


PurePro® Athena is designed to provide pure convenience. With its automatic water replenishing system, you will never run out of water again. Plus, its touch screen technology makes it easy to control and monitor the water temperature and dispensing settings. Whether you need hot water for your morning coffee or cold water for a refreshing drink, PurePro® Athena has got you covered. 


The Ultimate Luxury Combo for Clean, Healthy, and Convenient Drinking Water

Imagine having a constant supply of clean, refreshing water at your fingertips. The PurePro® Aquamate is a revolutionary water system that combines the innovative PurePro Poseidon High-Flow RO System and the PurePro Athena automatic hot and cold water dispenser. This dynamic duo provides you with the ultimate convenience and the healthiest drinking water possible.